Monday, March 9, 2009

Linux Share of Netbooks DOWN to 10%, BUT I'm Encouraged

This just in ... an article that says, "Windows on 90% of Netbooks, Linux on Just 10%." The research from market analysts at NPD covers the last three months of 2008.,+Linux+on+Just+10%25&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=1&gl=us

Earlier reports had said that Linux had a 30% share earlier last year.

It turns out that people have been returning Linux laptops 4 times more often than Windows ones.


The fact is, the "netbook" has been a scam all along. It was intended as a distractor, a "loss leader" from the major brands to discourage the marketing of much cheaper notebooks, ones below $200. But that is just trying to allay the inevitable, the inexorable trend toward MINIMALISM in computers. This is a fact all in the industry will have to face this year.

Getting rid of this distractor actually is a good thing. Perhaps soon the major media can begin focusing on the real trend in low-cost computing, the race to the bottom and computers for $100 and less, once we all face facts on the netbooks.

For now, the 400-MHz performance level looks like what will begin the race to the bottom -- the Belco Alpha 400, 3K Razorbook, the HiVision MiniNote, the Elonex ONEt, and all the clones of these. The first PC consistently priced at the $100 point probably will run at this 400-MHz level.

Prices will get much, much lower, but with reduced size and speed and fewer features. There already is one model you can get for $129 plus shipping, buying just one unit.

The "netbook"? Good riddance. (Clayton L. Hallmark)

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