Saturday, April 11, 2009

MINIMALIST / SHRINKAGE MOVEMENT IN COMPUTING, No. 4 of 8 ... Razorbook NEW World's Cheapest ... "One Forty-five and Falling"

This series of articles is based on the philosophy of the architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe as expressed in his motto "Less is more." This is not just an expediency to get through an economic depression, it is the way out of the current Global Financial Crisis (GFC). Sooner or later, all of us, from President Obama on down, are going to have to consider this. Computers are a good place to start.

$145 For a Laptop!

World's Cheapest Computer title goes, for now, to the Razorbook, available for $145 from Before you buy this, make sure it does all you want it to. As far as I know, you cannot create documents on this with the included software. However, it is great for web surfing and many other uses. Note: In this blog, I am looking for rock-bottom prices on mini-laptops, period. Click here for details.

This Razorbook version uses an ARM chip (as is found in smart phones) and Microsoft's Windows CE operating system. (The Linux version costs more because it does more.) The speed is 400 MHz, memory is 128 MB in SDRAM (more can be added via SM SmartMedia card), solid-state drive storage is 4 GB, wireless (WiFi) is IEEE 802.11b/g, screen is 7 in. at 800 x 800 pixels, and width is 8.7 in. with a "full size" keyboard.

Soapbox Speech: Incidentally, this Minimalist Movement is, or should be, of interest not only to you and architects but to economists as well. Look up the term "wintelism" and you will see what I mean. Wintelism is one of the things that got us into the current global economic mess. Hint: This is about finance -- as opposed to manufacturing -- dominating the US and world economies, and about massive infusions of capital from pension funds, etc., going into activities that involve monopolies, for example, so-called "intellectual property," IP. Microsoft Windows and Intel chips together represent a key global oligopoly -- wintelism. If the computer- and finance-led approach fails -- and it recently has -- we have little or nothing left. However, we must get past the cyberfinance economy before we can have a new economic regime, and the $155 Razorbook is a sign we are getting past the Wintel bit at least. Economically, things must get much worse before they can get better: the old cyberfinance regime must fade before it can be replaced with something that works.

Anyway, the warranty on the Razorbook is for 1 year.

This awesome midget machine sold for $399 at intro, which shows you how things are going. We don't have long to wait for under-$100 laptops, and you don't have to wait at all for a great bargain on the Razorbook.


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