Thursday, June 18, 2009

Elonex ONE (Alpha-400 Clone) Available Free in Cellphone Package

The Carphone Warehouse, a cellphone retailer in the UK, offers a version of the Alpha 400 for free, bundled with cellphone service.

This news comes from Mobility Today, which says, "LG’s Chocolate has been bundled with Carphone’s Elonex Webbook for £30 per month, with unlimited texts and 700 minutes on T-Mobile."

Elonex "webbooks" (as Elonex calls them) are big sellers in the UK. They sold over 100,000 last year.

There is hope of the ALPHA-400 and similar machines going mainstream after all. Who cares if it's on a subsidized basis? And who even cares if it runs Windows XP? Seriously: The main thing is to get this mainstreaming going because a really cheap computer is the only way to break the Intel-Microsoft trust.

See article here.

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