Tuesday, July 28, 2009

President Obama in the Funny Papers


  1. I'm surprised you reported on the Gates debacle and not this:


    Headline is "Microsoft annual sales drop for first time in history". It seems to me you predicted such a thing not long after you started your blog, as did many other proponents of dirt-cheap laptops.

  2. This is indeed big news and there is similar news from Intel. Also both Best Buy and Walmart are offering laptops (around 15") for just below $300 in back-to-school promotions. I don't think they would be doing this if it hadn't been for the Asus EEE PC, which I consider the Model T of personal computing. The netbooks have busted through the price floor and are driving the price of all personal laptops down. The predecessors were "rich men's toys," and this may be said to be the computer that put the world on the Net.

    As for the Obama-Crowley-Gates affair, I like President Obama and I voted for him. I might again if he leaves the verbal gaffes to Joe Biden and doesn't cause too much inflation.

    Logically, all Americans should hope President Obama succeeds in leading the country out of a very dangerous recession.

    Interesting news the other day is that Crowley and Gates are distantly related, going back to Ireland about 16 or 17 centuries ago. Both are proud of their Irish heritage, so they might have something to rap about after all.

    I am of course utterly opposed to the Ku Klux Klan and only included the cartoon because it makes a point about Mssrs. Gates' and Obama's presumptions about racism.