Saturday, January 31, 2009

All Known Netbook Deals Below $200

Online: has the Alpha400 for $169.99. They have had the Alpha 400 for as low as $149.99. This has been a pretty dependable deal.

Also below $200 is Compuvest at:

In Stores:
This isn't quite below $200 and it isn't the mini-laptop 400 category, but it is a significant bargain for a store. The ASUS 8.9" Eee 4GB PC Netbook Computer with Linux has recently been seen in Target stores for $249.99 (at Macedonia, Ohio, in the Cleveland area) to $269.99. . The regular in-store price at Target is $299.99.

Unfortunately, we know of no store in the USA that has the Alpha 400, Razorbook, HiVision, etc., on its shelves yet. Remember, the EEE was online before it was in stores. Once the 400s reach the stores, watch out.

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