Monday, January 26, 2009

What Does a Coby Netbook Look Like? For latest, follow link ...

To see the latest on the Coby sub-$100 netbook PC, go here:

Original 2009 post follows ....

Coby the Discount King market-tested mini-laptops at CES 2009 in Las Vegas a few weeks ago, and it is a Big Deal.

The Coby-branded mini-laptop in the photo is courtesy of, whose representatives were present.

The big deal is two things: If Coby markets this, it almost certainly will come in below $200 and probably below $150. The other thing is that the Coby brand is widely distributed to mass merchandisers that present brands of laptops/notebooks rarely reach -- Big Lots, Rite-Aid, TJMaxx, dollar stores, hardware stores, etc.

Offbeat channels are a key to getting computer prices down within reason.

Next time, we will show what one these things might look like hanging from a Walgreens rack on a bubblepack card!

A PC on a blistercard -- now that means prices well below $100.


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