Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Alpha 400, Elonex 400: What are other names for the same thing?

There already are several brands in this platform, and I will list the ones I know about.

There will be many others, and that is part of how this platform will take over from the netbooks as the cheapest genre of computers.

So here are the brands:

* Bestlink (or Belco) Alpha 400
* 3K Computers Razorbook
* Trendtac 700 EPC (EPC700)
* Elonex One T (One T+),
* Maplin Minibook,
* Silverstar E-PC,
* Yinlips Micro PC
* HiVision Mininote,
* JAY-tech Jee-PC 400S
* Letux 400 Linux Minibook
* CnM Minibook (CnMBook)
* Novatech Minibook
* Skytone Alpha 400
* SurfOne INOS1

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