Saturday, February 28, 2009

400 Maker Makes #9 in UK Laptop Sales (in less than 1 yr): ELONEX

Elonex went from zero to No. 9 in consumer laptop sales in the UK last year.

These things, the 400-MHz MIPS mini-laptops, can sell, and Elonex has the sales figures to prove it.

The current version is the Elonex ONEt. To read more, check this out.


  1. Pretty weird blog url, but great content. Keep up, I will return!

  2. Thank you. We need to provide more information for users of these machines, and will do so soon. Also, we will report on *any* laptop or netbook that stretches the price envelope, not just the 400-MHz MIPS.

    I can't understand why the mainstream media is underreporting this subnotebook category, but we will keep trying. So thanks for "staying tuned."