Saturday, February 21, 2009

What's the Big Deal About a "Crayola" or "Hello Kitty" Version of the MIPS 400 / ALPHA 400?

This Sakar mini-laptop appears to be another clone of the Alpha 400 / Razorbook 400 / HiVision MiniNote / Elonex ONEt / Maplin.

It is called the "Sakar MiniBook," or PC-01017, or possibly the "Limited Too" (no wisecracks about the latter, please).  

The Big Deal is this: It could take the MIPS-400 platform mainstream. Take a look at the partial list of stores the company, Sakar International, sells to.

No one has taken ANY computer to all of these places, or anything close to that. In fact, no one has taken any computer to the mass-retail market. Sakar could become the most widely distributed computer in the US.

If Sakar doesn't do it, someone else will, probably this year. The significance to the computer, information-technology, and electronics industries is earthshaking.

Really cheap computers -- when made widely available -- will be the biggest thing since the initial sale of the IBM PC in 1981.

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