Thursday, February 12, 2009

psst ... mister, GET AN APPLE FOR 499 EUROS = $643, or will you settle for a Pear?

A German company at the above link is offering "The PC with Mac OS X" for 499 euros, (currently $643). It's not officially an "Apple"; they call it the PearC. Get it? Well, why not get one if you are into that type of machine? This Apple is stuffed with "Intel Inside," which I guess is what makes it a Pear.

A US company also has one for $555 plus tax and shipping, as shown at this link: . Or you can call them (Psystar Corp.) at 1-888-456-7801 (hours, 9-5).

Of course I much prefer the 400-MHz MIPS platform, and you can get one from Bestlink Electronics for $149 plus shipping (from Hong Kong) at: . It does all I need it to do for the world's cheapest price-- a really good deal. has them (part No.: ALPHA-400) in and out of stock, sometimes, at . The price is $169.99 plus shipping, and the company is in California.

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