Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sakar, a new 400-MHz MIPS--From the Crayola and Hello Kitty people ...

This is what I have been hoping for -- a proliferation of brands, with fanciful names, in new markets, for the lowest cost computers, the 400s. Now Sakar has come on board, with a mini-laptop said to resemble the Razorbook 400. Sakar is basically a licensing company that buys rights to well known brands like the above and puts them on cameras, MP3 players, and other consumer electronics for kids -- and now computers.

"Sell No Computer Above This Price"

Sakar claims it will sell no computer for more than $299. This is good, but, c'mon people -- the Alpha 400 already sells for over a hundred dollars less, $130 less to be exact. Why pay more?

What'll it be? The Hello Kitty 400?

The "Hello Kitty 400" has an about-8-inch screen and a keyboard somewhat larger than a Razorbook's. It has built-in Wi-Fi. No doubt it hails from Shenzhen China (see previous articles in this blog).

Still this is a good sign that we are headed for sub-$100 notebooks on bubblepack cards at Walgreens and your local independent dollar stores. The path will be: a profusion of brands of similar, but ever cheaper and smaller, computers in more and more markets. This one was spotted at the Toy Fair 2009. For more details and a video, check this.

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